Minutes 22nd February 2023

Minutes Uploaded on October 5, 2023

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Monday 13th February 2023, adjourned to February 22nd at 7.15 p.m. in the Old School
1) Chairman
The Chairman welcomed Councillors.
2) Present:
In the Chair A.Vigrass, L.Bowden,A.Stanley,M.Norton, M.Neil,T.Dixon,T.Martin and K.O’Donoghue (clerk).
3) Apologies
4) Declarations of Interest
5) Minutes of the previous meetings held on 12th December
The minutes were approved and signed by the chairman.
6) Matters Arising
 The Millenium Wood fence had been satisfactorily repaired
 The vegetation obstruction of the speed sign had been removed by AV & MN
 The Glebe House gates had been reported to Planning Enforcement by Clerk
7) County & District Councillors’ Reports
 None
8) Parish Councillors Reports
 TD advised he would not be seeking re-election.
9) Highways & Infrastructure
 CSW cameras.
Noted – the police had made contact regarding location & a visit was to be arranged – AV
Noted – draft DPIA & PC Camera policies had been prepared by MN
 White Lines – LS had recommended we request via him an annual repaint / when required
 A request for a 20mph limit to be raised with Lynden Stowe – MN
 Advertising signs were a safety hazard at the garage, agreed that the owners be contacted – AS
 30mph repeater signs installation to be chased – Clerk
10) Planning
 Noted – an update on the Star Cottage porch planning breach was required – CW & AV
 22/04305/FUL 26 Fenhill Close – resolved no comment
11) Ash Die Back Scheme
 Delivery arrangements to be made by TD & Clerk
12) Defibrillator
 Required action on software update to be taken – M.N.
13) Help in Need Charity
 Resolved – AS to be the PC representative.
14) Coronation
 Resolved – The idea of a picnic to be held at Bourton House was suggested, to be discussed with Bourton
House – LB
 Arrangements to be coordinated with Ann Robinson – LB
 The trees to be planted at the Community Orchard to be named the Coronation Wood – TD
15) Auditor
 Resolved – that Iain Selkirk be appointed as Internal Auditor
16) Elections
 Arrangements for nominations to be confirmed – Clerk
16) Payments approved
Clerk salary 3rd quarter £622.64
HMRC PAYE £158.62
Mark Penfold inv.1069 £85.00
FJ Brace Millenium Wood £432.00

17) AOB
 Next meeting Mon April 24th 2023 meeting dates – Tues May 16th, Thurs July 13th, Mon Sept 4th, Mon Dec.
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