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Four people sit around a blue topped table. They are all holding playing cards, hidden from each other. Some cards have been placed face up on the table.

Bridge Club

Category: Clubs / Societies
The North Cotswolds Bridge Club gathers at the Old School hall in Bourton-on-the-Hill on Wednesday afternoons, with some additional sessions on occasional Thursdays. Please make sure to arrive by... View Detail
The lower legs of two dancing men can be seen, they are wearing kilts, long white socks, turned over at the top, and black shoes, where the laces are tied around the ankles as well as in the shoes. The floor is black with white speckles.

Scottish Dancing

Category: Clubs / Societies
The Scottish dancing group is a North Cotswold U3A group led by the amazing Diana Lucas. All our dancers are proud members of the U3A (University of the Third Age). Join us for sessions in the... View Detail
Two young children can be seen from behind. The girls to the left is playing with a brightly coloured plastic cash register toy, The infant next to her has pulled himself up onto a green padded ring and is watching the girl. They are in a playroom with parts of other toys visible.

Baby & Toddler Group

Category: Clubs / Societies
The friendly group meets every Monday during term time, from 9:30am to 10:45am in the downstairs room of the Old School.  Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, from birth to 4 are all warmly... View Detail
Bourton House & Garden can be seen. It's an overcast day. Tall purple flowers and a yellow plant are in the foreground, they sit in front of the manicured lawn, which is edged by mature planting.

Bourton House & Gardens

Categories: Local Attractions, Local to the village
Bourton House Garden is a stunning 3-acre garden surrounding an 18th-century Manor House and a Grade I listed 16th-century Tithe Barn. It boasts lush terraces, vibrant herbaceous borders with... View Detail
The Horse & Groom Pub stands next to the main road running through Bourton on the Hill. It is built of traditional Cotswold stone. There is a board outside, advertising its real ales and rooms to let. There are small shrubs and grass in front of the pub.

Horse & Groom

Categories: Hospitality, Local Attractions, Local to the village
The Horse & Groom, steeped in history, has been a pub since 1856. However, the roots of this charming establishment run much deeper, with the building itself dating back to... View Detail
Sezincote House, with its green domed roof and ornately curved glass house, sit behind manicured lawns with a backdrop of mature trees. The sky is clear blue and the image is bathed in sunlight. The shadows are long and the leaves on some of the trees are vibrant umber, suggesting autumn is on its way.


Categories: Local Attractions, Local to the village
At the heart of a traditional family-run estate covering 3,500 acres of rolling Cotswold countryside stands a 200-year-old Mogul Indian palace, set in a romantic landscape of temples, grottos,... View Detail
A red leafed acer takes centre stage in this picture at Batsford Arboretum. It surrounded by mature planting in a range of green and red hues, indicating Autumn is on its way.

Batsford Arboretum

Categories: Local Attractions, Local to the village
Batsford Arboretum boasts one of the largest private tree collections in the country. The arboretum's collections encompass a diverse array of plants from various parts of the world, with a... View Detail
A eagle is spreading its wings as the Falconry Centre. Its handler watches on behind. Visitors and the bird's large wooden enclosures can be seen behind, all set within mature trees and shrubs.

Falconry Centre

Categories: Local Attractions, Local to the village
Established by Geoff and Naomi Dalton in 1988, the Cotswold Falconry at Batsford has become a top bird of prey centre in the UK. Their daily displays showcase the birds' flying skills whilst also... View Detail
The front door of the Aviation Museum is flanked by aviation parts mounted on the walls. Union Jack bunting hangs above the door. Plant filled stone planters sit at the entrance to the path.

Aviation Museum

Categories: Local Attractions, Local to the village
Tucked inside an old Victorian school building in Moreton in Marsh, you’ll discover a remarkable collection of RAF memorabilia and aviation art, curated by one passionate RAF veteran. This... View Detail
A luxury mini bus stands on the drive outside an impressive Cotswold House, flanked by mature trees and shrubs. The sky is vibrant blue.

Cotswold Tours & Travel

Categories: Hospitality, Local to the village, Services
Cotswold Tours and Travel, founded and run by one of the Bourton-on-the-Hill’s most long-standing residents, specialises in organising unique experiences in the Cotswolds and its surroundings.... View Detail
Broadway Tower stands against a sunset on the green hill top

Broadway Tower

Categories: Further Afield, Local Attractions
Broadway Tower, perched atop a picturesque Cotswolds escarpment, stands as an iconic landmark that boasts breath taking views and a rich history dating back over two centuries when it was conceived... View Detail
Stanway fountain jetting into the air with Stanway House and views behind. Visitors to the attraction are walking around the grounds and sitting on the lawn.

Stanway House & Fountain

Categories: Further Afield, Local Attractions
Nestled within the picturesque Cotswolds, Stanway represents a stunning illustration of a Jacobean manor house, celebrated for its extraordinary 300-foot single-jet fountain, holding the distinction... View Detail