Minutes 12th December 2022

Minutes Uploaded on October 5, 2023

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Monday 12th December 2022 at 7.15 p.m. in the Old School
1) Chairman
The Chairman welcomed Councillors.
2) Present:
In the Chair A.Vigrass, L.Bowden,A.Stanley,M.Neil and K.O’Donoghue (clerk).
3) Apologies
L. Stowe, T.Dixon, Tom Martin, The absence of T.Dixon was approved unanimously.
4) Declarations of Interest
5) Minutes of the previous meetings held on 5th September
The minutes were approved and signed by the chairman.
6) Matters Arising
 New Dog bins – noted the response of CDC that bins could only be relocated, resolved – no further action.
 Obstruction of 30mph flashing sign – AV & MN to remedy
 Noted – £500 funding for a second speed camera received.
8) County & District Councillors’ Reports
 None
9) Parish Councillors Reports
 New gates at Glebe House may need planning permission – Clerk to query
 A fallen tree in Millenium wood needed attention & fence mending – Clerk to arrange
10) Highways & Infrastructure
 Resolved – MN to present the PC views on white lining & 30mph repeater signs to LS, AV to advise LS
 Resolved – Keytes Lane needs resurfacing, all potholes to be reported.
11) Planning
 Confirmed – Star cottage porch to be reported to Planning
 22/04305/FUL 26 Fenhill Close awaiting details.
12) Ash Die Back Scheme
 Delivery arrangements to be made by TD – Clerk to liaise
13) CSW Speed Watch Cameras
 AV updated the Council, details of police involvement to be circulated – Clerk
14) Defibrillator
 Action deferred to await advice from M.N.
15) Help in Need Charity
 TD proposed as representative, AV to advise.
16) Budget & Precept
 A budget was agreed for 2023/24
 A precept of £8057 was agreed unanimously, which included sufficient funds to finance the CSW speed
12) Payments approved
AV website £290.16
Clerk salary 2nd qtr. £498.04
HMRC PAYE £124.40
Mark Penfold inv.1027 £170.00
Accountability £80.00

12) AOB
 Next meeting Mon Feb 13th. 2023 meeting dates – Mon April 24th, Tues May 16th, Thurs July 13th, Mon Sept
th, Mon Dec. 11th
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