Remember, if someone is in cardiac arrest always call 999 for an ambulance first.  Getting professional help on its way can increase the casualty’s chances of survival by up to 50%.


Our village is lucky enough to be home to two defibrillators. In the unfortunate event that they are needed, we are keen that everyone knows their location and feels confident about how to access and use them in advance.

There is a defibrillator at the bus stop on the main A44 on the corner of Fenhill Close (*what 3 words:scare.caps.conspired); the second is located at the Old School village hall on the side of the building in Rectory Lane (*what 3 words:spaceship.library.factored).

If a defibrillator is required, phone 999 first and request an ambulance.

For security, an access code is required to open the cabinets.  By providing the call handler with the defibrillator cabinet number printed on the front of the box, they will be able to provide you with the cabinet’s access code to allow it to be unlocked.

Once switched on, the defibrillator will speak to you and has clear step by step instructions to guide you through its use.

*What3words is a unique combination of three words, which provide an exact location to within a 3 metre square, accessed via an App.

Defibrillator box attached on the side of the Old School in Bourton on the Hill