A head and shoulders photograph of a smiling man looking at the camera. He is wearing dark, rectangular framed glasses and a dark round neck jumper. He is in front of a plain light grey background.

Daryl Corps

Cotswold District Councillor for Moreton West Ward

A head a shoulders picture of a middle aged man in front of a grey background. He is wearing a dark pinstriped suit with a grey shirt and blue tie with white spots. He is looking at the camera, his eyes are blue, he is half smiling.

Lynden Stowe

Gloucestershire County Councillor
A head a shoulders photo of a man in his 70s. He is standing in front of a white background. He is wearing a grey suit jacket, light blue shirt with white stripes and a dark blue tie patterned with pale diamonds. His grey hair receding. He is wearing light brown spectacles. He is looking at the camera with his mouth slightly open.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown

Member of Parliament for The Cotswolds