Sezincote House, with its green domed roof and ornately curved glass house, sit behind manicured lawns with a backdrop of mature trees. The sky is clear blue and the image is bathed in sunlight. The shadows are long and the leaves on some of the trees are vibrant umber, suggesting autumn is on its way.


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At the heart of a traditional family-run estate covering 3,500 acres of rolling Cotswold countryside stands a 200-year-old Mogul Indian palace, set in a romantic landscape of temples, grottos, waterfalls and canals reminiscent of the Taj Mahal. The garden, abandoned during World War II, was revived in 1968 by Sir Cyril and Lady Kleinwort with guidance from Graham Stuart Thomas. Their restoration work included canals with Irish yews in the South Garden, a curving conservatory hosting delicate climbing plants, an Indian-style pavilion, and an exquisite water garden boasting rare plant specimens.