Minutes 7th September 2023

Minutes Uploaded on December 4, 2023


       Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Thursday 7th September 2023 at 6.30 p.m. in the Old School

1)      Chairman

The Chairman welcomed Councillors and 8 residents


2)      Present:

In the Chair C.Priest, A.Stanley, A.Chandler, A.Sorby, L.Stowe, D.Corps and K.O’Donoghue (clerk).


3)      Apologies



4)     Declarations of Interest



5)    Cooption of Councillor

It was unanimously resolved that Alice Sorby be co-opted as a member of the Council.


6)    Retiring Councillors

A vote of thanks to previous Vice Chairman Liz Bowden and Cllr. Michael Neil for

their service to the residents was passed unanimously.


7)    Public Question Time

Representations were heard from residents:

  • That the provision of broadband by BT to a resident in Chantry Gardens was woeful. The PC undertook to consider adding a question in the forthcoming village survey to assess the scale of the issue.
  • Expression of thanks was received from the Parochial CC for the £500 donation.
  • Keytes Lane potholes were numerous – residents were encouraged to report online.


8)     Minutes of the previous meetings held on 16th May

The minutes were approved and signed by the chairman.


9)     Matters Arising

  • The Millennium Wood plaque issue was being resolved by M.Neil
  • The PAYE issue was being resolved by Accountability, the PC’s agent.


10)   County & District Councillors’ Reports

L.S. reported that:

  • The pothole patcher had been at work on the Batsford road.
  • A new pothole reporting system would be in place later in the year.
  • There was a new CSW lead.
  • Build Back Better grants (of up to £500) were still available.

D.C reported that:

  • There had been no CDC meetings in August and the Town & Parish forum had been postponed.
  • Meetings to discuss grants with Longborough Village Hall and the Old School had been arranged.
  • The Planning Dept. which was already 2 officers short would be losing 6 more due to resignations.


11) Highways & Infrastructure

  • CSW       

The Clerk reported that one camera had been received from GCC and installation was now the issue.

  • Resolved unanimously that the PC should purchase a second camera and also 2 booster solar panels.
  • Identifying types of signage & location sites for those signs was required – AC & ASt
  • AC informed that the CSW group would continue manual camera operations despite increasing bureaucratic requirements.
  • ASt reported that the litter pick had been successful and the next was planned for Spring 2024.

12)  Planning

  • 23/02135/FULLand SE of Little Tithe – is awaiting the report from the Conservation Officer. DC confirmed that he would be referring it to the full Planning Committee if there was any possibility of approval.
  • 23/02371/TPO April Cottage Trees – resolved unanimously no objection.


13)  Clerks Report & Correspondence

  • The garage notice board had been repaired but quality of finish was disappointing. Clerk to raise with Handyman.


14) Councillor Recruitment

  • Ideally should include candidates from the Moreton end of the village.
  • A notice will be posted in the Old School and on the Bourton on the Hill website – ASt
  • An article will be prepared for The Bugle – ASo


15) Councillor Responsiblities

  • ASt – Website & PC Strategy                             ASo – Planning
  • AC – CSW, Roads, Dog fouling                            CP – Defibrillators & PC Strategy
  • Meet & Greet would be organized for Dec. 12th by ASt & ASo
  • Allotments key contact is now James Wilson.
  • Millennium Wood key contact continues as David Walsh (and Val)
  • Bugle succession – the last edition under current management would be in November and thanks were expressed to Ailsa Vigrass for her editorship over many years.
  • If no successor is identified before November then responsibility will be assumed in the short term jointly by ASt & ASo. It was confirmed that the print/production costs would be covered by the PC.


16) Strategy

  • A village questionnaire had been prepared. Expenditure up to £100 for printing approved
  • Distribution & collection to be organized and a report on the findings prepared for next meeting. – ASt & CP


17)  Budget Preparation

  • Possible capital items include pollution meters & decibel meters, costs to be supplied to Clerk – AC
  • Other 2024/25 CSW costs to be confirmed (licences, insurance, letters etc) – AC
  • Possible Old School grant applications to the PC, to be supplied to Clerk.
  • All councillors to provide clerk with funding ideas for 2024/25 and, where possible, rough costings in advance of Dec meeting – All


18)  Finance

  • Payments approved:

                            T.Dixon Coro. Tree  £40.00                                   Penfold inv.1275                 £180.00

Brace Notice Board  £540 pending                                 PPC                                £500.00


  • Annual expenditure up to £500 for BotH website URL/Software etc – Approved
  • Bank signatories to be updated to include all current council team members – Clerk


19)  Forthcoming Village Events

  • Tuesday Dec 12th, Meet & Greet PC meeting in Old School
  • Friday Dec.15th  Blockley Blokes Choir at St.Lawrence’s Church
  • Saturday Dec. 16th Xmas Party in the Old School
  • Last Saturday of each month – Rural Cinema in the Old School

20) AOB

  • Resolved unanimously to reappoint Alexia Munroe as a Nominative Trustee of the Help in Need Charity from Dec.9th for a 4 year period.
  • Next meetings –  Dec 12th, Then in 2024 March 5th , May 7th , July 9th , Sept.12th, Nov 26th
  • The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.55pm.





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