Agenda 7th September 2023

Agendas Uploaded on October 5, 2023

All members of the Parish Council are hereby summoned to attend the meeting of Bourton on the Hill
Parish Council on Thursday September 7
th at 6.30 pm in the Old School.
Kevin O’Donoghue, Clerk to the Parish Council
1 Welcome by Chairman and apologies for absence
2 Declarations of interest
3 Public Question Time
Residents are invited to give their views on issues on this agenda and suggest items for
future consideration. The time allocated is limited to 3-minutes per person.
4 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on July 13
5 Matters arising from the previous minutes
6 To approve a vote of thanks to Cllrs. L.Bowden & M.Neil for their public service to the
residents and Parish Council.
7 To receive County and District Councillors’ reports.
8 Highways & Infrastructure
• To receive an update on Community Speedwatch cameras – Clerk
– to decide on the purchase of a second camera
– to decide on additional solar panels
– to decide on signage
• To receive a report on the recent Litter Pick – AS
• To discuss succession planning for The Bugle editorship
9 Clerks Report
1) Notice board update. 2) Correspondence report inc. V.Hall 3) Salt/Grit update
10 Planning
• Update on Land SE of Little Tithe – Clerk
11 Councillor Recruitment
• To approve the cooption of Alice Sorby as a Parish Councillor.
• To discuss filling the vacant Councillor positions.
12 To review & allocate Councillors responsibilities
Website/Parish Alerts Speed cameras Roads Planning
Defibrillators Meet & Greet Millenium Wood Allotments
Strategy Community Relations Others?
13 Strategic Planning
• To receive a progress report from working group on conducting a residents survey AS/CP
14 Budget Planning
• To identify new items of expenditure for next year.
15 Finance and Payments for Approval
• Balance at Bank (month end) PC £8841.74 (£9922.18)
Inc. Allotment Funds £394.37 (£434.37)
T.Dixon Coro. Tree £40.00 Penfold inv.1275 £180.00
Brace Notice Board £540 PPC £500.00
• To approve bank mandate signatory changes.
• To approve annual expenditure up to £500 for the cost of maintaining the website & email
16 To receive Parish Councillors reports on items not on the agenda and items for the next.
17 AOB
• Next meeting: Tues Dec. 12th. Agree meetings for 2024 ?
• To note forthcoming village events.