Transparency Code

Policies Uploaded on October 5, 2023

Bourton on the Hill Parish Council Transparency Code
1. Parish Councillors’ Responsibilities
No councillor has specific responsibilities as all areas of the council’s work are shared.
2. Details of public land and building assets
The Parish Council has responsibility for two notice boards (by the post box opposite Quarry
Garage and attached to the bus shelter at Fenhill Close) and the bus shelter in the centre of
the village and the bus shelter by Fenhill Close. The railings on Main Street opposite the
turning to Fenhill Close is also included. It is accepted that the water trough on Back Lane is
also the responsibility of the Parish Council.
3. Expenditure over £100
The Clerk’s salary (paid quarterly by cheque).
The Parish Council makes an annual donation to St Lawrence Parochial Parish Council for the
maintenance of the churchyard and the church clock.
Annual public indemnity insurance.
The contractor for mowing the verges etc. is paid £75 per cut but several invoices are
combined so the final invoice is over £100.
(Recent on-off expenditures: a contribution towards a shared speeder gun with
Longborough Parish Council and the web designer for the new village website)