Minutes 6th December 2021

Minutes Uploaded on October 5, 2023

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Monday 6th December 2021 at 7.15 p.m. in the Old School
1) Chairman
The Chairman welcomed Councillors and members of the public
2) Present:
In the Chair A.Vigrass, L.Bowden,T.Dixon,A.Hay and K.O’Donoghue (clerk).
3) Apologies
T.Martin, M.Norton,A.Stanley
4) Declarations of Interest
5) Minutes of the previous meetings held on 28th September
The minutes were approved and signed by the chairman.
6) Matters Arising
 6.1 Photos had been published in The Bugle
 6.2 The slat in the bench had been repaired.
7) County & District Councillors’ Reports
 None
8) Parish Councillors Reports
 8.1 Millennium Wood is in a poor state – TD & AV to inspect
 8.2 Resolved – that the PC is in favour of a 20mph speed limit in the village.
 8.3 Parking is an issue. Resolved – to contact The Old School to agree a joint approach & letter to
residents – AV to action
10) Village Map/Notice Board
 Resolved – to defer the decision on progressing the village map board.
11) Planning
 11.1 Agreed – to take no further action on Hillcrest
 11.2 Agreed – to take no further action on the vehicle application relating to High Beeches.
12) Meeting Dates
 Agreed – Feb 28th, June 13th, Sept 5th, Dec 12th, April 11th, at 7.15pm.
13) Community Speed Watch Report
 Numerous examples of illegal driving were reported together with disappointing police support.
Agreed – that CSW should write to the Police Commissioner and a photo record of incidents
14) Clerks Report
 14.1 Thanks were expressed to the previous Clerk for ensuring a smooth transfer of responsibilities
 14.2 Highways had raised an order to replace the post outside Porch House
 14.3 There was a CDC proposal to charge PCs for contested elections
 14.4 A44/B4479 junction – Highways had agreed to cut back vegetation & install a ‘green’ reflective
Criteria for a ‘Stop’ sign to be researched: Clerk to action
15) Review of Policies
 The following policies were reviewed and approved:
Standing Orders Financial Regulations
Code of Conduct Publication Scheme
Data Protection Risk Assessment
16) Budget 2022/3
 16.1 Resolved: not to include a map board or new notice board in the budget
 16.2 Resolved: by a majority vote of 3-1; that due to financial pressures the annual donation to the
Church should not be made.
 16.3 A budget was then adopted to inform the decision on the precept.
17) Precept 2022/3
 A precept of £6104 was agreed – Clerk to action
13 Payments approved
Accountability Payroll Services £75.00
F.J.Brace Bench Repair £48.00
M.Penfold grass cutting inv.742 £85.00
M.Penfold grass cutting inv. 687 £170.00

16) AOB
 The next meeting will be on Monday 28th February
 The meeting concluded at 9.39 pm.
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