Cotswold District Council’s Car parking strategy survey 2024

Cotswold District Council’s 2010 Car Parking Strategy was updated in 2016 to recognise the need for increased parking across the district. However, since the creation of the strategy, many factors have influenced transport and parking behaviours, such as the climate agenda, the Coronavirus pandemic, the cost of living crisis and the wider economy. Yet the demand for parking remains.

Parking Services are now in the process of reviewing the current strategy, to ensure it is making best use of Council assets and meeting the needs of you, their customers, now and in the future.

They really value your feedback. If you could spare time to take part in the short car park survey, they can capture what is important to you, and ensure services are meeting your needs.

NB The survey is designed for you to give feedback by individual car park, if you want to report on more than one car park please complete a survey for each.