Boundary Changes

MP for the Cotswolds, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, outlines the boundary changes that will see two new constituencies formed:

Parliament commissioned the independent Boundary Commission to review current constituency boundaries and propose changes that would ensure a reflection of the varying rises and falls in populations. Our current boundaries were designed on the electorates in 2000. Since then there have been in some areas rapid population changes which means in 2023 constituencies can have vastly different population sizes, for example, Stoke-On-Trent has an electorate of 55,419 while Bristol West has a staggering 99,253 electors. They have now reviewed the boundaries and altered them to have a target within 5% of the electoral quota’ of 73,393.

What does this mean for the Cotswolds? Effectively, they have split the Cotswolds into two – so Cirencester, Lechlade, and Fairford along with their surrounding villages will form the new South Cotswolds and Wiltshire constituency. While North Cotswold will be joined by wards in Stroud and Tewkesbury to form another new constituency.

I have been adopted as the Conservative candidate for the new North Cotswolds constituency, although bittersweet because when it comes to the next General Election, I will be saying goodbye to friends and constituents from the south. It was an extremely difficult choice for me, however, this decision has been helped slightly by the fact that I will live in the North Cotswolds constituency following the boundary changes.

This new North Cotswolds constituency will compose of all of those residents in the existing Cotswolds constituency living north of Cirencester, which is around 32,704 electors. You will be joined by 17,317 new electors from Stroud wards including, Bisley, Hardwicke, and Painswick & Upton, and 20,894 electors from Tewkesbury wards including, Badgeworth, Brockworth East, Brockworth West, Churchdown Brookfield with Hucclecote, Churchdown St. John’s, and Shurdington.

So, the North Cotswolds constituency will be very different from the existing Cotswolds constituency. The largely rural parts of the current constituency extending to the Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and Oxfordshire boundaries, will be joined by more suburban areas from wards which are close to Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, and Stroud, to the extent that it will cross the M5 in the north Hardwicke ward.

These boundary changes will make no difference to most people until the next General Election when you will have a chance to vote in the North Cotswolds for me or one of the other party candidates. I am always happy to hear from constituents, whether it’s about some of the work happening in Parliament, a local issue, or something more personal that you think I could help with, my team and I are always keen to see how we can help.


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